I need an English to English Dictionary

Some words I’ve learned so far,

Football – soccer (While this one seems obvious, you can never be sure when someone is just using it to say American Football because they know you’re American and that’s what it means to you)

Bags it – call it, shotgun, etc

Boot – trunk

Kip – nap

Winging – whining (One might say “winge” is synonymous with “Brit” ;))

Faff around – waste time

Well good, well tired, well angry – very good, very tired, etc

Fiver – 5 quid

CV – Resume

Diary – planner

I can’t be bothered – I’m too lazy

Wellies – rain boots (Maybe this term is used in the US and I am just unaware…)

Jelly – jello

Jam – jelly

You alright? – hi, how are you? (This one throws me off for some reason. “Umm.. yeah, I’m alright.. do I look upset? ;))

Folder – binder

Folder with pockets – nonexistent

Pavement – sidewalk

Jumper – sweatshirt

Chav (sp) = dodgy, angry, scary, sketchy people

Trouser = pants

Pants = underwear (Don’t mix this one up! ;))

Queue = line

Pudding = dessert

Sat Navs = GPS

High street = main street

Garden = lawn

Yard = lumbar yard, NOT to be confused with lawn/garden

Hob = stove

Cooker = oven

Chips = fries

Crisps = chips

Tea = tea OR supper

Cutlery = silverware

School = elementary school (I keep making the mistake of saying I’m here for “school” and getting the strangest looks.)

College = high school

University/Uni = college

Shattered = tired

Dodgy = sketchy

Bob/quid = buck

It’s meant to be = it’s supposed to be

Tipping down = pouring rain

Nicked = stolen

Sunny = 99% overcast

Brilliant = whatever one wants it to mean

Properly = officially

To be cont.




One thought on “I need an English to English Dictionary

  1. Lisa says:

    Better learn what ‘fanny’ means over there – hint – not a granny like way of saying bottom

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