Can Navigate the Town Via Bus :) Well… I can get to one place anyway.

Play-by-play on my Ipod.

It’s weird to wait on the left side of the road for the bus. Hopefully it will be coming soon. Seems I may have caught it at a bad time. This is my first bus journey by myself 🙂 going from my flat to the Barlow’s. It’s a pretty simple route which is nice, since I’m not at all used to this sort of transportation. I’ve got to put my iPod away cause it’s starting to rain. (surprise ;))

The sign says 4:03 for the next bus. So about 5 more mins. It’s funny how people walk by and don’t acknowledge in any way that you are there.

Got off at the right stop and found the next. So far so good 🙂

Made it! Got off a stop too early cause I was nervous and didn’t want to miss my stop haha. Wasn’t an issue, just a couple extra blocks to walk. (Unfortunately I did a number on my ankle, so that’s an annoyance). Anyway, first bus ride by myself 🙂 Success! I can now get from my flat to my English family’s house 🙂 And there was much rejoicing.



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