To Don’ts

1. Don’t pack your Vicodin in your checked luggage. (Bad ankles + elevation + down for 10 hours = not good.)

2. Don’t forget gum. (A, prevents motion sickness and eardrum issues. B, Helps when the guy beside you smells weird.)

3. Don’t park in police only parking spot. (My dad and I learned this one on our way from London to B’ham… all is well though, silly Americans.)

4. Don’t plan to meet in impossible locations. (For example… the baggage claim at Heathrow airport. Just trust me on this one.)

5. Especially if one has no form of communication. (Yeah…)

6. Don’t turn into the right hand lane. (You. Will. Die.)

7. Don’t Forget your CAS! (Although no one tells you before you go, this is crucial as a student to get past passport control. It’s a students letter from your college. I grabbed mine last minute (literally) out of my checked bag and put it in my back pack, not sure why at the time I did it, but so thankful I did! Literally could have been turned around right then and there and headed back to the States.)

8. Don’t Smile too much. (Cultural thing. They’ll think you are a stupid American.. which in fact…)

9. Don’t waste the 10 minutes if sunlight. (No for real.)

10. Don’t say just anything you hear. (Not all the funny words are … well, appropriate.)




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