Ok, Something a Little More Substantial

I have been here one week today, and for those of you who don’t yet know, I am not living on the streets as anticipated. I actually have a nice little room in a small flat with 2 other nice girls (or so I’ll say on here, in case they read it. Just kidding!). I am about a mile and a half from the institute and quite like the area I’m in. (Like my British sentence structure there? Knew you would.) From my flat I have successfully gotten to NICE (the institute where I will be training), the Barlow’s, City Centre (center of Birmingham), and Wolverhampton. At some point I will put some pictures up on Facebook, but at the moment I don’t even have a bed, so you will all have to wait.

I want to again thank the Barlow’s for being so helpful and inviting to me. They have truly been a blessing and have helped me feel at home and cared for, for the past week. Who would have thought someone my mom knew in High School would end up being in the UK only 12 minutes from me! (it started as 30 minutes, but the more my dad and I did it, the closer it got! Well, the less lost we got and the faster it was.) So, the only connection I have to the UK is perfectly placed 🙂

Today, Steven (a guy on the course from Canada) and I took a trek to Wolverhampton to get our IDs. For some reason, as international students we must do everything the more complicated way. It was fun though, we walked through B’ham City Centre and I did some handstands 😉 He lives in Wlv so I went back on my own, and made it 🙂 Huray! I am feeling increasingly comfortable with the trains and busses. I much prefer trains because they’re pretty smooth, whereas busses make me sick every time. Anyway, I end up just barely missing them a lot. I missed the train today by 28 seconds, because it actually runs on schedule. The busses… seems they just kinda do whatever they want. The waiting around hasn’t bothered me much yet, I enjoy people watching.

The diversity in this city is fascinating. I love hearing all of the languages and accents. Well, unless I’m needing to understand them! I am excited to learn more about the other cultures represented. And eat their food 😉

This week is basically an orientation, both at Walsall and NICE. Somewhat informative, somewhat getting to know the other students. There are 7 other students in the group, the aforementioned Canadian, a really sweet Hungarian, a lady from Whales, and 4 Brits. We are an eclectic group to be sure!

Steven and I learned a lot of British slang today. They Brits tease us a lot, but it’s all good fun. I translated a bit for him, as I’ve had slightly more time here to learn some of the words. (You know, 7 whole days, to his 4. Canadians are a little slow sometimes). My favorite word right now is “dodgy” which is like sketchy. They use it all the time. Apparently the Brummie accent is a bit dodgy, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only who doesn’t understand! I am also trying to get used to the way they say times. For example “half one” would be 1:30, and would be written 13:30.

I think that’s pretty much it for now. Tomorrow I am going with a few fellow Unis (students, not that you didn’t know that, you non-Canadian-intelligent-readers of this blog) to a “Fresher’s fair” at the Walsall campus. And in the evening joining my flatmates at a little church small group get together. I’m excited for both 🙂 Let the adventures continue!




2 thoughts on “Ok, Something a Little More Substantial

  1. livelifehere says:

    Jalyss! It’s Jess from church (not sure how many Jess’ you know… haha). I’m so happy you’re having a great time, the trains were my favorite part about traveling in Europe. I’ll be reading your blog for sure! Have a blast, learn a lot, and pray often! 😉

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