Do Not Be Deceived By Bus Time Tables

A few days ago I missed the bus, so I walked. This is becoming a theme in my life. It’s okay for now, I enjoy walking. However, at some point I think I will want to be able to get on a bus when that is my intention. What I find amusing (with a slight bit of frustration edging in) are the bus time tables that are posted everywhere. I’m just not sure why they go to the trouble to put them up if they are not going to be followed. All those trees could have lived…

Anyway, this particular I didn’t actually miss the bus because of the time tables, I missed it because I couldn’t unlock my door. Yepp. I was literally stuck in my house as I watched Mr. 76 pass my stop right before my eyes. I think they gave me dodgy keys. I didn’t feel like sticking around 20 minutes to catch the next one so I started walking in the general direction of my intended destination. My plan was to walk from bus stop to bus stop until a bus was there. Half an hour later, I was where I wanted to be. I found the high street, much to my self-admiration 😉 I found the bank and set up an account, which was my original plan. Then I ended up exploring the whole length of the high street for several hours. It was very enjoyable. Best stores I found? Asda = Walmart. Poundland = Dollar tree. Aldi = Aldi. So nice to know where I can buy some things. The co-op just wasn’t gonna cut it. (The Byerly’s of the UK). I also found a great shop with fresh fruit and vegetables and some nice little thrift stores. So far this is my favorite village.

Hang with me as I get philosophical for a moment… (I know, here you are, the unsuspecting casual reader now being hit with philosophical musings!)

As I was enjoying this mini “adventure” I realized how much I wanted to share it. I didn’t want to be the only one who remembered this experience. Maybe it is because I am so used to being surrounded by people (7 siblings..), maybe because I’m just a very social person by nature. It seems that all the experiences in the world just won’t mean the same to me without someone with which to share them. Right now I am sharing them in a sense, but at that moment I really wanted a friend there with me. Not because I was particularly lonely, it was just weird to experience something alone. Humans are incredibly social by nature. It strikes me that one can have amazing experiences in life and be surrounded by people, but be left unfulfilled and lonely. Two and a half weeks since I left. I wouldn’t say I’m missing people dreadfully, I’m just too distracted so far, but I realize how much I truly value the relationships I have. I am thankful for them and am excited to create some here.




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