Some Random Bits You Might Enjoy

Can I just be a little culturally insensitive for a moment? First of all, outlets here are a little obnoxious. They’re huge, to begin with, and you have to switch them on and off! I’m sure there’s some great environmental explanation for this… but for now it just means nothing is actually charging when I think it is. Also, there are no dryers in this country. Wouldn’t be a problem if you could stick your stuff outside to dry it, just not sure when you are meant to do this when it’s always raining! The other day I ran out to bring stuff in because it started sprinkling, momentarily it was tippin’ down! (Read “pouring”). And before I knew it, it was hailing. Yeah, I’m still confused. Also, I get messages like “This video is not available in your country.” It’s not my country! I just live here…

Okay, now that I have gotten that out.

I am quite enjoying England 🙂

Tonight was the first night I’ve cooked since I’ve been here. Thanks to my lovely flat mates who have cooked the days I’ve been home, and the several kind people who have invited me to their homes for dinner 🙂 I am enjoying meeting people and hope to find a church to plug into soon.

This makes me laugh; in the US people mimic the English for fun. In England, they mimic the French. “Of course I am French, can’t you tell by my ridiculous French accent?” (Double culture points right there!)

My flat mate, Helen, is convinced American TV shows accurately portray Americans. We’re in trouble! I told her those aren’t real people. It’s ok though, because I judge English people based on reality TV show judges and Monty Python skits. In reality though (not reality shows) I think people really misjudge other cultures by their media. England ≠ America with English accents. There are more differences than I expected and most definitely more differences than I think the typical American would expect. Culture, vocabulary, weather (ok I’m missing the sun), etc, there are a lot of differences. I must say I have so much respect for people who come to countries wherein they don’t even speak their native language. (Quick shout out to my Russian Renata and my Hungarian Renata! You guys rock).

Last week I twisted my ankle, it’s doing better, but is now overshadowed by my twisted knee. I’m falling apart! I think in overcompensating for my ankle I’ve just tweaked my knee a bit. Hurray for Hannah having a car and driving me to Uni! 🙂

Yesterday was my first day in group and today was my first lecture. I have 2 tomorrow. Things are going well. I will update soon.




2 thoughts on “Some Random Bits You Might Enjoy

  1. Ben Foulger says:

    Ah we do have dryers in the UK, just perhaps not where you are living… If you can find a laundrette then you should find that it has dryers in it.

    If you think outlets (sockets and you need to start calling them that 😉 ) are annoying in the UK, trying being here where they use UK style sockets (3 prongs, square profile) with EU style plugs (2 prongs, round profile) – cue the use of adaptors from which the plugs constantly fall out of or having to force the 2 prongs into the lower 2 of the 3 holes grrr.

    But then we do get enough sun to dry things outside 😉

    Enjoy the course, I started in adults and loved it so much I went back in the 3rd year. Although different to working with children, it is hugely enjoyable and rewarding in its own way.


    • Jalyss says:

      Are there dryers in people’s homes?
      Hmm, another word for me to learn! I’ve got an adapter for my some of my stuff that’s US. Not the most convenient thing.
      Right, if your stuff dries in 5 mins 😛

      Thanks 🙂

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