In Which I Keep My Promise To Update You On…


I’ve now had one week of classes. It’s an interesting schedule. Tuesdays and Fridays I have group placement, in Adults. Wednesdays I have one 3 hour lecture and Thursdays I have two 3 hour lectures. The class I think I will especially like is CNS Disorders and Symptomatology. But they all seem pretty cool 🙂 (As you know, I am that nerd who just loves school). I have Saturday-Monday off. Perfect for traveling!

Some of my thoughts on lectures based classes;

I like that our group is very small. There are 8 of us 1st year students. This is great because it means we will all get to know each other and the instructors will get to know all of us! One of our lecture instructors is Hungarian. She’s great, we all love her. It should be interesting to see how everyone follows when we get to tricky subject matter and we’ve got Hungarians, Brits, and North Americans all thrown into the mix. The lecture based classes are set up much more like a Grad class in the US. There are some books recommended and we are meant to look into them on our own, no schedule with it. Each class has one assessment that counts for 100% of our grade, scary!

As far as group placement;

We are placed in a different group each semester. Adults, School (children), and Early Intervention (itty bitty children). This semester I am in Adults. So far we have mostly observed, but we will facilitate in the sessions soon. I have been in sessions (90 minutes each) with Stroke victims and adults with MS and Parkinson’s. It’s different than what I’m used to (I’ve mostly been in children’s CE classes) but I am enjoying it. It’s a different relationship and classroom environment than with children. It is also different disorders than I’ve seen on a day to day basis. I am excited to be in this new environment and learn as much as I can 🙂

All for now.




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