Why do it in 4 minutes when you can do it in 2 hours

Play-by-play via Ipod

Wrong bus. I made it three weeks without getting on an incorrect wrong bus! Record gone. I’ve now done it 3 times in the past hour and a half. When I finally got on the right bus, I got off at the wrong place. Just kind of one big fail today. I’ve seen Solihull now, lovely place. When you don’t have two huge grocery bags. Found some wifi and looked at a map, I’m 8 miles from where I should be…

4th bus stop. There should be a bus coming in 6 mins then it’s 12 mins on this bus and another 5 mins walking. Should be home by 4. I left at 2. It took my 25 mins to walk to KH, about a mile. I could have walked back 4 times now. Live and learn. This to say, I’m not really bothered. It’s sunny and it’s fall and I’ve got NTB’s new album. It’s my day off, so I don’t technically have to be anywhere at any particular time. So here I sit, waiting on probably the wrong bus 😉 Just gotta roll with it.

Hahahahaha, just came into KH, where I left from an hour and 50 mins ago. Yepp. I was just on the wrong side of the road. It’s a four-minute ride home.

It happens.




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