Oops, did I say breaking news? I meant to say “general update.” But now that you’re here…

I have been in the UK for a month! I can’t believe it actually, it has really flown be so far. In that time I have memorized:

My Address

Uni’s address

Barlow’s address

My Phone number

My Student number

My Bank number

My Bank pin

Important bus numbers

Many street names

Many city and village names

Many people’s names

And 15,000 new passwords

I’ve had time for nothing else. Ok, well maybe a few things 🙂

I am in the process of finding a church. So far my favorite is Oasis, just down the road from me. There are a lot of students and young people and the church does great work in the community. It is charismatic (which I’ve missed, shout out to my Dayspringer’s back in the day!) but down to earth. I think I will go again this coming Sunday and also try out a homegroup. I’ve met some really cool people and am excited to forge some new friendships 🙂

I have watched Dr. Who and The X Factor pretty consistently, which in my mind means I’m pretty much a Brit now.

I’ve also signed my lease, which in my mind means I’m pretty much a grown up now. I also have my bank account set up and a student ID, so I’m pretty official. I’m quite tired of asking for something and being asked for my passport and proof of address. I bought some grapefruit today and half expected to have to show it.

The sun has been out ALL WEEK! It’s a miracle! 😉 Absolutely gorgeous weather in the 70’s and 80’s and minimal clouds. I’m loving it. Everyone is telling me not to get too excited because “it won’t last long.” I don’t expect it to; I’m just enjoying the moment! Come on Britain, live a little.

The lecture based classes are great! Practical group sessions are a little of overwhelming right now.  I am sure it will get better, but right now it’s new and kind of confusing and we are tossed in and just have to go with it! We have begun to facilitate the participants somewhat, which is the tricky part.

If all goes as planned, I am heading to the Peak District on Friday for a weekend outdoor rock climbing trip 🙂 I’ve joined a society at the University of B’ham. (Ssh don’t tell I’m actually at Wolverhampton.) I’m hoping to go on as many of the weekend climbing trips as I can! This will be my first venture outside of Birmingham.

That’s all I can think of right now. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! (I’ll especially need them when the sun disappears again.) Love you all.




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