Finally Got Out Of The City!

That I am enjoying ever so much 🙂

I went to the English countryside last weekend, climbing with the Birmingham Mountaineering Club in the Peak District. It was pretty cool, my first outdoor climbing experience. Being England… it rained the whole time. We did some climbing in the rain, which was super hard/scary/awesome! (Plus some climbing indoors, which was pretty good too.) I learned how to “BE-lay” and tie a bunch of complicated knots. Because apparently ‘Jalyss’ is just too difficult, I was called either “America” or “Minnesota” all weekend. A lot of conversation went something like, “On be-LAY” “On what? We can’t understand you with your ridiculous American accent Minnesota!” I met a few Germans and a French girl too, which was fun. I liked talking to them about their perceptions of the US and my perceptions of their countries. Very interesting. I just love being outside of the US and talking to people from such different cultures and environments!

Other than the fact that it was cold and rainy and windy the whole time, it was really pretty out there. Rolling fields with lots of sheep, basically your typical cliché American vision of the English country side. My ankles held up okay with my braces and a little Vicodin. (Before I’m scolded I will say I was very careful and didn’t push beyond what was reasonable.)  I hope to go on the next weekend trip in two weeks to Ogwen in Northern Wales 🙂 Pretty excited about that one. Will let you know how it goes!

Cheers,Obligatory Handstand :)



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