It Was Okay After All

I must admit I was quite nervous about having my birthday in England. Before I left I had all sorts of crazy fears about coming. I thought that since my birthday was just 6 weeks after arriving I would probably not have any friends and would have a terrible birthday. Right, so I over-think things sometimes. Basically I just tried not to think about it once I got here (like I’m not thinking about Christ-mas now).  I’ve actually never been away from my family on my birthday.


It was okay after all 🙂

Actually, it was amazing. I went to London with my flat-mate (who claims to be more English than the queen, and I’m inclined to believe her), and a few other equally awesome friends; James, Stu, and Helen. We just ran around all day doing and seeing the typical touristy things. We saw (kind of, the crowds were bad) the changing of the guards and Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Big Ben, etc.

Big Ben is not actually that big. The name is a bit of a misnomer, it is beautiful though. I even read the time on it after a bit of concentration. We also saw Downing Street, where the Prime Minister lives (David Cameron, for those of you who don’t know :P). The city is beautiful, so many amazing, really old buildings.

My ‘friends’ bought me an obnoxious/awesome hat and made me wear it the whole time! It did keep me from getting lost a few times.. I was pretty easy to spot. They also made me try to speak in an English accent, they said I sound like Lindsay Lohan in the Parent Trap.

Got to go on the Underground too. And to Narnia. Saw Aslan, nbd.

To top things off it was sunny, cloudless, and warm all day! An amazing feat for England, I do believe the sun came out just for the occasion.

It was still a bit weird to not be with my family. When I got home we Skyped. I even blew out a candle over Skype 😉 It was a good end to an awesome day. Thanks, to all the people who made it a very memorable 19th.




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