I just want to say, that this is a ridiculous amount of time to go without seeing the sun! Literally not a glimpse. I felt like the guy in the Count of Monte Cristo who was locked in the prison below Edmond, without a window.  And just like he went a little crazy over seeing the window Edmond had, I go a little crazy whenever I see the sun. When it pops out for a moment, I forget that it’s bad to stare at it. Outside of the rubbish weather, England and I are still getting on very well. (To be fair, there was quite a bit of sun today- I was just ripped off because I was inside for lectures all day.) City Centre is starting to have a nice Christ-massy feel. I wondered how this would be accomplished without snow, but it is apparently possible. There are lights up all around the Bullring, a carousel that just sprung up overnight in Victoria Square, and the German Market is being set up. I am well excited about the German Market, everyone is telling me how cool it is. Mini Christ-mas trees are on sale at Aldi next week. My flatmate, Helen, doesn’t know yet that we are buying one 🙂

I’m breaking my own rule right now though, because you’re not supposed to talk about Christ-mas until after Thanksgiving! Which is in just a few days :). I’m a bit annoyed that people have to work on Thanksgiving, since I am determined to have a Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving day! I’m excited though, to have Thanksgiving with a bunch of Brits 😉 I am also doing Thanksgiving on Saturday with the Barlow’s, my American friends. Double Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy yours as well.




2 thoughts on “6 DAYS

  1. Jacey :) says:

    Bro, you rock… How’s that?? 😉

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