Do You See Why I’m Confused?

When smart = well dressed and clever = smart, shattered has nothing to do with breaking and fringe nothing to do with the carpet. When sacked has nothing to do with football and football has everything to do with soccer. When you don’t want to mix up pants and trousers and can’t figure out why everyone is asking if you’re alright. When your housemate tells you to look up Blue Peter and you put in Blue Pizza because that’s what it sounds like. When you have to describe what powdered sugar [icing sugar] is, and don’t know what treacle is. When you don’t like someone, you fancy them. When your friends take the mick out of you for how you say water, and the lady at the pub can’t even figure out what you’re saying. When you don’t whine, but whinge about the weather because you’re becoming a mardi Brit. When you get confused looks when you say you are going to school instead of Uni. When dodgyposh, and rubbish have become regular words in your vocabulary, but you just for the life of you can’t understand the Brummie in the reception (which also means kindergarten) of the Dr’s Surgery.

Yes, it really is a different language.




One thought on “Do You See Why I’m Confused?

  1. Jacey says:

    Haha …and you thought you spoke English! 😛

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