Pancake day!

Well, sorta.

Last week (Tuesday) people all around Europe, including myself, celebrated Pancake Day. In the US this day is known as Mardi Gras (fat Tuesday). It is the day before lent begins. Apparently people used to use up “rich foods” before the fast began, they mixed things such as eggs, milk, and sugar, to make pancakes.

Now, if you are from the US you are probably thinking:

Nope, these are English pancakes:

Essentially (and I’ve gotten in trouble for making this point) they are crepes. They are very thin and you fill them with lemon and sugar, nutella, ice cream, etc. Apparently the English have decided to take the French crepe and pretend they have invented something? 😛

There are a few “rules” of English pancakes though: (according to Helen) you MUST sift the flour, and it’s plain, not self-rising. Also, you must throw your pancake to flip it. Finally, the first one is always rubbish, you must just accept this and move on.

The best part about these pancakes is the aforementioned throwing. It’s most of the fun of the day in my opinion. When they are ready to be flipped you throw them up out of the skillet and (hopefully) catch them again, back in the skillet. A few people asked me (before I knew that they throw their pancakes here, and so was a bit confused) if we flipped our pancakes in the US. I said some people might, if they are being dramatic, but not normally. They found it funny that we don’t flip ours; I find it amusing that they do. They asked if we had a pancake day in the US and I told them that we actually just get to have pancakes whenever we want, we don’t need a special day for them. With that said, it is a tradition I intend on keeping henceforth. Pancakes for every meal on Shrove Tuesday? Yes please!




4 thoughts on “Pancake day!

  1. Kellie says:

    IHOP is giving away a free stack to everyone today. See, we have a pancake day =)

  2. Jalyss says:

    Oh how I miss IHOP! Ironic, calling themselves the “International House of Pancakes” and having no international locations!

  3. lindsay says:

    I want crepes! I wish we had a day devoted to them…
    I didn’t eat pancakes yesterday. Sacrilege.

  4. Jalyss says:

    Linzy, you are pretty much a terrible human being, how does that make you feel?

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