Aubergine = Eggplant

Still learning words.

The other day Helen and I were eating with her sister, her sister’s boyfriend, and James. She said something about a lie-low and I said,

“A what?”

“Lie- low… bed on the floor… air bed.

“Oh, gotcha”

“Jalyss and I have these conversations often. Most of the time we end up consulting google.” She explained.

Actually, it was the third that day! It’s funny that I am still learning so many words after 6 months of living here.

Earlier I learnt Aubergine, which we call eggplant, and plait, which is what we call a braid.

You remember that pants = underwear? The other day at church I was working with the kids and one of the volunteers told the kids “Jalyss is American; you will have to explain things to her. Right now, she thinks we are all sat here in our pants!” The kids ate that up 😉 One kid told me she had been to the US and the houses were “Absolutely massive.” I laughed because 1) the phrase is so cliché English and 2) I realized I had used it earlier without thinking twice.

Also, I’m discovering that the English have many, many words for bad. ‘Naff’ and ‘rubbish’ both mean bad, as does ‘minging’, but that is more like a bad smell. Real positive bunch these Brits 😉 To be fair, they have some extra words for happy. For example, ‘chuffed’ short for ‘chuffed to bits’ means really pleased about something.

Had to laugh the other day when James confused someone by accidentally saying he went to “school” in Cardiff, instead of “university.” Glad to see my American ways are rubbing off on him 😉

I’ve quickly discovered I don’t speak “English” I speak “American.” What are your favourite British English words?




One thought on “Ah..ber..jean?

  1. Ben says:

    I think she probably said ‘lilo’ which is what we call an air bed.
    I miss talking to native (British) English speakers, out here I have to be carefull not to use too many colloquialisms so I don’t confuse my Mauritian and Hungarian co-workers. But then at least they can speak at least two languages whereas I am a typical lazy UK person with just the one.

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