A Rubbish Story

The week of our move Helen and I had the joy of builders tearing out the bathroom. This was highly convenient, as it meant we had no shower the week leading up to us moving, and a couple of days without even a toilet. Anyway, a few days into the build someone showed up at the door and the following dialogue occurred:

Man: “Did you order the skip?”

Me: “Not sure..”

Man: “Are you house 34?”

Me: “Yepp.. are you with the builders?”

Man: “I just want to know if you ordered this skip!”

Me: “Umm, I’m not actually sure.”

Man, sounding annoyed: “Well you’re 34, so where do you want it?”

Me, assuming it had something to do with the bathroom: “Well, round the back I guess, by the bathroom.”

Man: “Well I can’t get it through there now can I!?” *points at small passageway between houses*

Me: “Umm I don’t know… Actually…what is a skip??”

Man, still annoyed, points at large dumpster loaded on a truck

Me: “oooohhhh!” right… yeah guess not. Maybe on the sidewalk in front then.. err, pavement.”

Man: “Fine, we’ll put it here.”

We had ordered it, I just wasn’t informed. Anyway, learnt a new word today 😉 My British friends are all getting a kick out of this, thought you might also.





2 thoughts on “A Rubbish Story

  1. Marie says:

    ha ha ha – that made me smile x

  2. Jim Zapf says:

    You could have said that you can’t skip right now due to your ankles. That would have cleared things up in a hurry. 🙂

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