Packing up.. but not for home (quite yet)

My search for Narnia has currently been stalled. In the past week we’ve put together a sofa, table, wardrobe, dressers, side-tables, and bookcases. But I don’t have my wardrobe up yet, so I don’t think I’ll be finding Narnia this week.

My lovely Housemate Helen has bought a flat (AmEng = Apartment)! She’s like a grown up! We decided it would be best for me to just come along with her 🙂 We have a nice new apartment in city centre, walk-able distance from the Bull Ring (the main shopping centre). It’s in a great area that apparently used to be pretty terrible. They’ve poured in massive amounts of money and created a lovely area of apartments in the shape of a giant oval surrounding a park (hence the name “park central.”) It is a mix of owned, rented, and council flats. It is very convenient for getting buses and is just a 3 minute walk from Helen’s school (where she teaches, not attends :P). We moved because Helen wanted to live in the community she worked in and God seemed to open every door necessary for it to happen.

The first time we came to look at it together we couldn’t leave, not because we were caught up in the awesomeness of it all.. because we couldn’t get the door open. You know how notoriously difficult front doors can be. So we kinda wandered around till we found someone else in the building, at which point we introduced ourselves and relayed our issue. They showed us how to work the door and we had a nice little chat. (We have an ongoing worry that they think we’re lesbians and we are anxious to meet them again and attempt to clear things up … )

I’ve decided I actually really enjoy packing/moving… it’s almost therapeutic. It’s an appropriate situation for my OCD to run wild. I love organizing and figuring out where things belong, which is especially good, as I’m no help at all moving things around due to my ankles. Overall the move went very smoothly, huge thanks to Micah, Heather, and Jonny and Anneli who helped us move the enormous amount of stuff that Helen has 😉 And the Willetts family for some very helpful cardboard boxes. The weather on the day was gorgeous and we had our first meal in the new house outside on the balcony. Pretty good way to kick it off!

Though we still have a bit a trouble with the front door…

Cheers from the new Greenwood-Zapf residence in Park Central B’ham!



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