Real life… perhaps slightly more busy than student life

So I’m home! I know this is about 2 months late, but apparently life as a student is much less busy than life with a family and several jobs.

I am currently working a full time job as a PCA with a 13 boy with CP (who I intend to write about soon!) I also serve as a nanny/chauffeur/cook (if you know me you are laughing at this last one, shutup) to his two sisters. I also work part time as a PCA for my little brother and have recently picked up a job as an assistant to a conductor at the center my brother attends. I squeeze in some time with friends, but if I’m not at work, I’m typically hanging out with my family. There are currently 6 of the 8 Zapf children home, plus my 3 year old nephew who is staying with us for a few more months, and a family friend, which brings up the current Zapf residence to 10 J, and as I learned last night, the mattress count to only 9…but I won’t complain, I. Love. It. Summers are for late nights with your sisters, wrestling with your brothers, and dinners on the back porch in the sunshine with your family J

As a quick overview (I will be honest and say I don’t really assume you care, but I need this post for myself as a bit of organization before I get back into legitimate posts.) I came home about 2 months ago. I was home for a day before making the 26 hour drive to Barrie, CA. I spent about 3 weeks there with my youngest brother at a Conductive Ed camp. I volunteered throughout, as well as wandered around Barrie a bit with my little sister. (If you find yourself in Barrie, eat at Pita Pit, and hang out on the lake!) I spent 6 hours a day, 6 days a week working with a group of 4 children and a conductor and learned so much through the experience. I will also write more about this in a future post.

After a few weeks my parents came up and swapped out with me to stay with Mina, and I went home. I had surgery 4 days later. Nothing says welcome home like your 6th ankle surgery (not to mention my parents were in another country! This is the second time my dad has managed to be in another country during a surgery for me, I’m getting suspicious…) The surgery was simple enough though, a breeze compared to the last 5! (Maybe doing one ankle at a time isn’t a bad idea.) They needed to remove- the official wording- ‘a huge chunk’ of scar tissue, damaged cartilage, and stitches from my last surgery. I only had to wear a boot for 2 weeks! I don’t yet know how helpful it was; I start therapy soon and hope I will start to notice a difference. Unfortunately this is the easy ankle. I will be coming back home again in December (with boyfriend :D) for surgery on my right ankle. This will be much more involved and will require 4 weeks in a cast and several more in a walking boot (similar to the other 4 surgeries). Basically, the tendon that was put in to replace my bad ligaments has torn off of the bone it was screwed into. So I have nothing really holding my ankle joint in place, hence extreme instability and lots of pain. I am currently wearing a brace 24/7 to try to manage the pain and keep it from dislocating. They need to completely redo the tendon as well as remove the screw that has slipped into my joint (trust me, not somewhere you want a screw to be. I am in agreement with the Dr. who said to me, “it just kind of sucks”) That’s the main bit of the procedure, and it will be a long recovery process. I hope that #6 will be my final surgery, but I am a realist and so am not holding my breath. Basically I just want this sorted so I don’t struggle so much in placement.. also walking would be nice.

So that’s my little wrap up. It’s been gorgeous here, 100(40)+ degrees here the past few weeks, I am soaking up the sun (*read* “burnt and full of freckles” *points to ginger hair*). While writing this, I am packing to go to Wisconsin with my family for a few days, the Dells J

….You know you’ve been travelling a lot internationally when you start to put your passport in your backpack for a trip to another state. Not yet Jalyss, 10 more weeks at home.


Something more substantial on the way!





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