Said No Brit Ever

*Things you’ll never hear a British person say:

  1. Let’s not stand in a queue
  2. No thank you, I don’t want tea right now
  3. I’ve not been to the pub this week
  4. Yeah, I would like to talk about my feelings
  5. You just need a big hug, come here!
  6. We don’t need a ‘U’ in that word
  7. Let’s not talk about the weather today
  8. I love the French
  9. American football is so much better than rugby
  10. I don’t really like Barack Obama
  11. I’m European
  12. I want a Brummie accent
  13. I don’t really watch Downton Abbey
  14. Michael Gove, what a guy!
  15. American accents are great, wish we were more like them

*Please take with a grain of salt


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