Final year…


How did this happen!??

Third year is underway. Third and FINAL year has officially begun!

I can’t quite wrap my heard around it. At the end of this year it’s off into the big bad world for me and my fellow course-mates. At the end of this year I graduate from NICE with qualified conductor status, graduate from Crown with a double major (psychology and counselling, and Biblical Studies), marry my lovely English fiancé, and lose the right to live in the country I now call home (will have to look into renewing my visa!)

This month has been/will be a bit crazy:

2 weeks ago I moved back from the US to Birmingham.

2 days ago I moved from Bham to Cardiff.

Today I had my first day of my first week of block placement at Craig y Parc school in Pentyrch, Wales (I’m still learning to pronounce it correctly. Feels to me like any vowel can make any vowel sound in Welsh. I’m lost!)

Sunday I go back to Bham.

Then on that Tuesday I go to Germany for a week for World Congress (where I will be presenting with a fellow student, Hannah Silcock).

The following Sunday I’m back in Cardiff for my second block week in placement.

Then the following Monday I have a week of lectures in Bham.

After that it calms down a bit and I will alternate between weeks here in placement and weeks in Bham for lectures.

Some friends have kindly offered to let me stay with them whilst I’m here. I am looking forward to being in a new place for the year with some really lovely people! One of whom is a physio, which should make for some good discussion across the year. I also get to help out with my new housemates’ brand new baby! Which makes me very happy J

My placement is at Craig y Parc, which is a SCOPE school specifically for children with special needs (primarily CP). There are both residential and non-residential children attending. They do many forms of intervention, including CE, hydrotherapy, rebound therapy, traditional physio, sensory programes, and others. There are three classes headed by conductors. The classes have a mix of motor programmes and academic programmes. I am in a class with 5 teens, 14-16 years old. I can’t say much beyond this as I’ve only had my first day, but I am very excited for the new experiences I will be able to have here. The staff are lovely and the school is beautiful. It is so nice to be out of the city too! I am loving the green. Silcock and I are both in placement here, nice to have some companyJ

This year we will be leading the standing and walking programme. I have not yet seen this in my group, but hopefully will tomorrow. This year we get to create our own task series for the group and lead it. We will also be working on our final project, which I am looking forward to.

I am excited to see how the year plays out, and am going to make a sincere effort to be blogging more regularly.

Also will be working on my Welsh 😉



3 thoughts on “Final year…

  1. Hope it all goes well for you and Hannah, and see you very soon.

  2. Kellie says:

    YAY! Final year. (Or maybe BOOOO, final year!!) Here’s to you and Hannah being the most energetic, entertaining conductors to grace Wales!

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