“You never blog anymore…”

Several people have mentioned to me lately that I never blog anymore. I think the longer I don’t blog, the harder it becomes to blog. I do blog though. That is, I start blogs. I have 6 blogs posts started that are currently sitting on my desktop reminding me of how bad I am at finishing blog posts.
Onto the excuses.

SO. MUCH. Has happened this year. The highs have been especially high, and the lows particularly low. This year can be summed up in the word transition, and it has been overwhelming to say the least. I feel I’ve gotten through 2014 by the skin of my teeth, without the slightest bit of extra energy or focus to articulate the happenings here. I have loads on my mind, just can’t get it down.

I’m never quite sure which way I want to go with this blog, ‘personal’ life or Conductive Education (though they are often impossibly intertwined anyway). I am a classic over-analyzer. At any given time I have a million thoughts on the various things going on in my life, which is the only reason I would blog about my life instead of CE. I certainly don’t do it because I believe I am interesting. Having said that, I have two posts in my head that I am hoping to transfer to the more tangible form of a Word Document in the near future. One is very CE, essentially a plea for help from a newly qualified conductor who has, unfortunately, found herself on her own already. The other is just a bit of a debrief of 2014 in all its excitement, difficulty, and generally craziness. So if you’ve given up on the blog, don’t! Life is coming down to a more reasonable pace and I am hopeful that I will be able to post my thoughts here again more regularly.
*One more thought on my poor blogging. I am a perfectionist. This shows itself in many ways, my blog is one. I have high standards for myself regarding the quality of what I publish. I write, edit, analyze, edit, rewrite, etc before posting things. This makes it a bit more of a time commitment than perhaps it should be. I am working on being less concerned with having things perfect before posting, but it’s a process.

Be back soon.


2 thoughts on ““You never blog anymore…”

  1. lgomby says:

    You and I am so alike. Am I aloud to post a link to your blog and just write ditto?

    Ps – was thrown into the deep end as a new grad… Email or pm me on Facebook if I can support you in any way.

    PS – I think I got through it by approaching myself conductively – realizing I’d rather raise my game to meet high expectations than not be challenged and wallow in underachievement, and by making mistakes and learning and accepting that we are in a profession that is about lifelong learning!

    • Jalyss says:

      Lisa, lol, absolutely! As for approaching myself conductively, I try to do that, but I’m definitely finding it harder all alone. It’s so different to go from constant engagement with others involved in CE to not having face-to-face contact with anyone.

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