My 2014 (in a nutshell)

2014 was amazing.

And horrible.


And terrifying.


And exhausting.

2014 was more than I thought I could handle, but here I am, in 2015, so I must have survived.

Between January 2014 and January 2015 I…

Moved from Birmingham to Cardiff

Moved from Cardiff back to Birmingham

Graduated from Wolverhampton with a BA HONS in Conductive Education

Graduated from Crown (online) with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Biblical Studies

Travelled around the UK for 2 weeks with my mom and sisters

Spent 5 months planning a wedding that would be on another continent

Filed for a visa for James

Went on holiday in Devon with James’ family


Said some devastating goodbyes

Packed up all of my belongings and moved to US

Spent 2 months living and working in Chicago

Spent 2 months planning a wedding that would be in a different state

Spent a week frantically calling senators and congressman, begging for help with a visa that was 4 months late

Cancelled James’ flight and scheduled another


Barely got a visa

Moved to St Boni

Spent 1 week in MN finishing wedding planning

Got married!


Spent an amazing 2 weeks with UK friends and family in the US!

Said more devastating goodbyes

Went to Orlando on honeymoon

Filed for the next phase of James’ visa

Changed my surname to Zapfletts (Here’s why)

Moved into first apartment with James

Bought my first Car

Wrecked my first car (rolled. If you’re going to total your car, do it right.)


Chopped my hair off, 16 inches

Started working at MRCI part-time

Started working at MORA part-time

Found a new church

Bought my second car

Got my first full-time job (at MORA)

Spent Christmas with my US family and new husband 🙂



And that’s it! 😛

Which should help explain my blogging hiatus.

I am planning on getting into a few of these points in future posts. Stay tuned.


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